Stef chair collection

The main idea was to revive the design of folding solid wooden chair, that was made more than thirty-five years ago in my father’s carpentry. The chair was soon used by children as well as adults. Because of its practicality and durability the chair was often placed on small balconies, verandas, children’s rooms and various apartement and vacation buildings. The making, design and chair itself were soon forgotten and literally put in the dusty corner of the house for decades. His practical purpose was rediscovered when our children started using it, so that is when the story continues and the chair receives its name after my father. The primary carefully thought out and sophisticated design was followed by two additional bigger versions (standard and XL), with the purpose to refine the living space with functional furniture from natural material, retro touch and eco sensibility. This is how the making of the whole Stef chair, which embodies simplicity, asceticism and charisma of the wood raw material, collection took place. Primarily made from beech wood and protected with natural coverings appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. We also offer other sorts of wood, depending on our customers preferences. A likeble piece of furniture in student residences or on glamour events, even boats. Stimulating human imagination in kindergarten as counterbalance to the colourful interior environment, in design bureaus or with a picknic basket as part of the compulsory equipment of prestige car brand. A perfect business gift in creative packaging. Hopefully one day it becomes a classic among wooden furniture.

Something slightly different, far from mainstream and uniquely designed in the late 1970’s. This piece of furniture has a retro touch but profound contemporary features. It’s not meant to be used in lounge spaces but can be a perfect fit in all areas where socialising takes place. It’s primary production started in the 1980’s in the Grkman family workshop where hundreds of no name folding pieces were made for numerous Slovene households.

Stef chair – S size


Stef chair – L size

Stef chair – XL size

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