Slovene chair with a retro touch

Have you ever heard of “Stef chair”? Despite English name the product definitely has deeply ingrained Slovenian roots. The design and production of this adorable and comfortable folding wooden stool began by the end of the 1970s, when S. Grkman made the very first pieces in his home carpentry. After some time the chair and its story were pretty much forgotten for at least three decades until his daughter Monika Dezela Grkman decided to put some fresh air into the family woodworking and to revive the “lost” pieces.

After years of full-time job and considerably different professional path she decided to study interior design in London when she got inspired to start reviving the folding wooden chair, which is characterized by the simplicity, asceticism and charisma of solid wood.

Prudent and complete original design was followed by two versions – medium and XL – with the aim to enrich the living space with functional wooden furniture, retro touch and eco sensibility. Primarily made from beech wood and protected with natural coverings the chairs are appropriate for indoor as well outdoor use. This likeable pieces of furniture are a perfect fit for student residences or glamour events, we could even imagine them being placed on boats. As a counterbalance to the colourful interior environment they can help stimulate human imagination in kindergartens, design bureaus or as an extra next to a picnic basket when purchasing a prestige car brand.

A perfect corporate gift in creative packaging? Why not! These are just a few placement suggestions for “Stef chair” which is marked by its durability, sustainability focus and the aspiration of its creators for this chair to become a classic among wooden furniture with Slovene roots whether in commercial or residential facilities.