Playfullness and luxury in one

This 280-year old restored house located in Kobarid – Slovenia is an ultimate reflection of its owner and creator Matthew Norfolk, British interior designer, who is also a passionate photographer and a world traveller. A three-storied property which exudes a cobbled charm offers unique retreat for wine enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers visiting the Soča valley. The interior comprising of three bedrooms (each has their own bathroom) is a mix of rustic and eclectic style with reclaimed wood furniture elements, prominent heterogenic décor and diverse fabrics. The ultimate expression of design freedom with quirky details sparks the tenants’ imagination and with its vivacious colour palette invokes ones adventurous spirit. I had the immense pleasure to have a sneak peak at this quite overwhelming interior scenery and fit in our “Stef” chair to check how it would merge with this colourful holiday residence. Big thanks to Matthew and Danjela for making this unforgettable experience possible.