Cabin at Femunden

Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter
 created the ‘Cabin at Femunden’ near the Femundsmarka National Park in Southern Scandinavia.

Originally there were two small log cabins located on the site, which were later  incorporated in the new project. The new volume is attached to the old buildings through the use of the same traditional construction method, and using timber of the same dimensions. The three volumes are connected by the enlongated roof, professing that they all belong together in the new entity.

The living area, with a fireplace and the kitchen area, is located in the main wing, streching directly southward, along with a bedroom. The living area opens up to a seemingly endless view across the Femunden lake and towards the distant mountains. The furniture is mainly built in, and low, protruding log joints and parts of the wall are used for anchoring and holding for instance the kitchen counter, beds and shelves.

All images © Tom Gustavsen