Boutique hotel inspired by bohemian style with the hidden power of neutrals

You can find many descriptions for the place called Scorpios on the island of Mykonos, for example a true and authentic, rustic beach experience, a lifestyle commune, sophisticated modern agora, celebration of traditional craftsmanship, organic materials and a bohemian style interior design, etc. It most definitely stands for something inspiring.

Joined forces from the Greek K-Studio and Lambs and Lions’ Michael Schickinger together with interior decorator Annabell Kutucu resulted in creation of a specific seaside retreat. Built from whitewashed stones and decorated with local natural materials that honor traditional craftsmanship. Straw furniture, knitted hammocks, wicker baskets and rough wooden furniture are all part of this laid-back artistic resort.

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»Scorpios believes in doing and being more, in transforming beauty into an unforgettable beach experience, in turning strangers into friends, perhaps even soulmates. But much more than just a beach and a restaurant; Scorpios is a welcoming holistic world built upon both simplicity and luxury. And it’s this holistic philosophy – one that is as simple as it is revolutionary – that makes Scorpios so unique: Now you no longer need to bounce between a quiet, serenity-filled retreat and a place where you can let your spirit soar as you celebrate life to its fullest.«